Sam is a graduate of the Masters in Textile Design program at Philadelphia University. Although her main focus in the program was weaving, she also took the time to dabble in digital printing and knitting, allowing her to harness all of those skills into her work. Sam’s work is truly a balance between analog, the hand, and digital, modern technologies. She strides to push the envelope on the materials being used, testing their limits with structure, finishing, and dyeing techniques, to see what new type of material could be created.  It’s the process that helps to inform the next steps, and what drives the designs in each collection. 

    Along with her own personal work, Sam also participated in many collaborative projects with engineers, fashion, interior and industrial designers. These collaborations also allowed her to travel during her studies to places like Senegal, Burkina Faso, China and Finland. These trips opened her eyes to the possibilities of a global career, and the importance of respecting cultures, people, and the environment, which can all be affected by the textile industry. 

    Currently Sam is living and working in Germany as a materials designer. She continues to pursue personal interests in textiles, and has recently been captivated by the concept of healing properties found in textile creation. 

If you would like to reach out to Sam please send all correspondence to