fashion collab _ dana jackson

Dana and I traveled to West Africa together for a textile and fashion course with Philadelphia University. Dana's thesis collection was inspired by our visit to Goree Island, and wanted to work with me on a collaboration for a custom jacquard design. The final result was a jacquard that used basketweave structures to give the fabric a hand woven look. The jacquard was used for a coat, skirt and shrug. The collection was chosen to walk the runway at New York Fashion Week in 2015 as part of the Emerging Designers show. 



fashion collab _ amber shay

Amber and I collaborated to create a graphic, black and white, floral design for her senior collection. I hand illustrated contour line drawings of roses, scanned them into the computer and put them into a repeat. The design was then translated into the jacquard software, where it was woven on the loom using two different yarn types. A lustrous yarn was selected for the textile that was sewn into a dress, and a textural boucle yarn was chosen for the textile that was made into a jacket.