Climbing Volcanoes

Climbing Volcanoes


Coming at you with a predictable climbing the mountain type of post and how the act relates to life. Well in this case it was a volcano and not a mountain, which is important because it makes it sound way more bad ass to say you scaled a volcano. There was a group of us that were going up together, around fifteen people total. It was 3am when we arrived by car at the bottom of the volcano. Everyone was wearing all of their warm layers and had their head torches on. The first half of the climb was relatively easy, just a slight incline through gravel, sandy landscape. It was dark, all you could see was the path, the tall grass around the path, and the feet in front of you. Heads down, watching each step taken, because of the uneven terrain you had to constantly watch where you were going. We stopped for a quick break to prepare for the second half which was much more of an incline. Again it’s dark, you really can’t see much around you, just the path to follow ahead. This time we were doing more climbing up big rocks, being more strategic in where we placed our feet. The pace was steady and a rhythm began to develop. Steps with breath, the silence being cut by the sound of hiking boots crunching down in gravel. We were almost to the top when we stopped for a break again, at the first look out point. The last part of the climb was literally straight up and all sand. There it was a blessing we couldn’t see below. Everyone was slipping and sliding down the sand. Then we finally reached the top, sighs of relief that the climb was finally over. Then the reward sets in. We all sit down at the top and wait for the sun. We were above the clouds, so far from all the everyday worries us humans tend to have. Slowly but surely the sun came up, and with it the most beautiful colors. The view was breathtaking!

It was a good reminder that out of the darkness, comes the most beautiful light. Many times in life we are on a path not sure of where it is leading, wanting to give up before getting to the end. Climbing is a reminder that its worth it to keep pushing, because eventually it will all pay off. The most rewarding things are always on the other side of a difficult situation. And because of that I would argue that you appreciate those things a little bit more. Anyone who has lived on this earth long enough knows that life is not full of moments of eternal sunrise, but include many times of darkness. Those are the times for us to go within, to reflect and grow, to prepare ourselves to bash in the glory of the sunrise to come.


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