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living architecture _

A contemporary woven jacquard collection for the residential interiors market. Urban gardens and the incorporation of plant life into architecture has become increasingly popular. The sharp, orthogonal geometry of the architecture struggles to dominate the organic, chaotic greenery. The layers of concrete, glass and steel attempt to organize the free flowing nature of the flowering plants. This collection aims to recreate the colors, textures, lusters and shapes found in living architecture.


The movement collection is about capturing a specific moment when the viewer begins to question whether time and distance are really what they appear to be. These images are of very fluid movements, whether that fluidity is coming from the persons body movement, the way their clothing moves around them, the way the powder seems to just hang in the air or the way light is captured in a series of lines. In this collection I would like to capture the precise moment of motion when time appears to stand still and gravity no longer exists. There is a sense of silence, delicacy, and an ethereal quality, that makes you feel like you are in the midst of a dream. 

fashion collab _ dana jackson

Dana and I traveled to West Africa together for a textile and fashion course with Philadelphia University. Dana's thesis collection was inspired by our visit to Goree Island, and wanted to work with me on a collaboration for a custom jacquard design. The final result was a jacquard that used basketweave structures to give the fabric a hand woven look. The jacquard was used for a coat, skirt and shrug. The collection was chosen to walk the runway at New York Fashion Week in 2015 as part of the Emerging Designers show. 

fashion collab _ amber shay

Amber and I collaborated to create a graphic, black and white, floral design for her senior collection. I hand illustrated contour line drawings of roses, scanned them into the computer and put them into a repeat. The design was then translated into the jacquard software, where it was woven on the loom using two different yarn types. A lustrous yarn was selected for the textile that was sewn into a dress, and a textural boucle yarn was chosen for the textile that was made into a jacket. 

material exploration _ sunbrella & sunbury design competition